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It’s hard to feel hopeful when your debt continues to climb as your income and savings decrease. Creditors don’t care whether your financial problems were caused by an illness, a job loss or another unplanned event. They want to get paid, and they will make your life difficult until you do that.

Your debt situation can leave you feeling powerless. You aren’t. There are legal protections that you can seek to erase your debt and put your financial problems in the past. At NextStep Bankruptcy Law, our attorneys have helped individuals and families throughout Chicagoland make a fresh start after exiting bankruptcy. Using decades of combined bankruptcy experience, they know how to find the solution that addresses your unique concerns.

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Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings in Illinois. They know how to navigate the process efficiently and avoid legal headaches that delay matters. As our client, you will also benefit from our attorney’s trustee experience, giving you inside information on bankruptcy proceedings from the trustee’s perspective.

At our firm, we take pride in the exceptional customer service we provide to all our clients. We know that you are facing a difficult time in your life and are relying on us to find the best solution for you. We provide the one-on-one representation that you deserve, so you will not need to reexplain your situation every time you contact our firm. The attorney you retain at the beginning of your case will assist you from beginning to end, and you’ll find it reassuring to work with an attorney who knows your case inside and out.

Not all Chicago bankruptcy firms offer the depth of experience and personalized service that NextStep Bankruptcy Law does. Our high-quality representation can make a difference in the outcome of your case and your ability to leave your debt problems behind.

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