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How Bankruptcy Impacts Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

One of the first questions people ask when they begin looking into bankruptcy and debt relief is: What will happen to my home? Many of us are haunted by images of families kicked out by banks with nowhere to go, particularly in the wake of recent recessions and national foreclosure crises.

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What To Expect Going Forward

One of the first things that happens when you file bankruptcy is that the courts put a stay on any foreclosure actions. This means that any foreclosures come to a stop, even if a sale has already been scheduled, until the court has time to fully assess your case. For many, this is a much-needed respite from frantically trying to repay loans or getting seemingly endless calls from the bank. Once the stay is in place, bankruptcy laws come into play.

The Bankruptcy Code handles mortgages differently, depending on the type of filing you have in place and what types of protections you qualify for. If you are filing bankruptcy under Chapter 7, the courts generally will include your home in liquidation proceedings that will go toward your debt. If you are filing under Chapter 13, you are not necessarily eradicating your debt. Instead, your debt is restructured, and this can give you an opportunity to keep your home under certain terms. Every case is different, and our attorneys can advise you on what to expect in your specific circumstances.

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